Serving with goodwill

Jim Donald (Independent)Standing for Howick Local Board, Howick Subdivision

Jim lives and works in the Howick Subdivision, where he serves “With Goodwill” – the words on Howick’s Coat-of-Arms.

Jim was a dog handler and later Howick’s Community Constable with the New Zealand Police. He is a member of the local voluntary patrols and served 23 years as a Justice of the Peace.

As the Howick Town Crier, he promotes economic perspectives for business in the Howick Local Board area, especially in tourism.

He continually encourages service groups, schools, churches and families to contribute with positive enthusiasm for the community’s benefit in sport, music and other areas.

Jim Donald

He is an Ambassador for the Manukau Symphony Orchestra.

Jim says Howick is the best place in New Zealand to live and says he intends to keep it that way by speaking out to maintain our unique living conditions.

He is deeply involved in the preservation of views from Stockade Hill.

He promotes public transport, especially ferry commuting.

Jim is against the Euthanasia and Abortion Bills presently before Parliament.

It is challenging working in Auckland Local Government, so Jim asks you to tick him on your voting paper so he can continue representing the people of Howick.