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Local elections 2019

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Tofik Mamedov (East Vision)
Standing for Local Board, Pakuranga Subdivision and council for the Howick Ward

Tofik Mamedov migrated as a teenager from Baku, Azerbaijan. He has lived in Howick for 15 years and is employed in the insurance industry and also owns a small business with seven staff.

“Auckland is experiencing a critical phase in its progress to a first-class world city. Major decisions in infrastructure and public transport are being planned.” Tofik says. “The segment that will lead the way are the small and medium businesses.”

Tofik’s experience both as an employee and as an employer in running small businesses has given him strong insight into the day-to-day life of average Kiwis living in Auckland.

Tofik Mamedov

Tofik and his team are focused on four key areas – the environment, arts and culture, safer community and transport – the East Vision. “We will integrate the needs of small and medium business in these crucial areas,” he says.

Tofik is committed to working across political boundaries to achieve the best for Howick Ward and its residents. “If elected, I will be the voice of east Auckland – I will listen and act in the best interests of all – be accessible, be the proactive voice that East Auckland needs,” Tofik says.

Morgan Xiao (East Vision) Standing for Howick Local Board,Pakuranga Subdivision 

Morgan Xiao was born in 1985 and is married with two Kiwi-born sons. Morgan is a columnist with local ethnic media and has been living in east Auckland for 15 years.

Morgan loves New Zealand and the Howick and Pakuranga community. He also loves his own culture and understands and loves New Zealand culture. He has written many articles to help people understand New Zealand culture and ways of life.

Morgan Xiao

Morgan felt the anguish of people who were disconnected from other communities. He supports ethnic Chinese by teaching English and Kiwi culture at the Pakuranga Community Centre. “I want to influence more newcomers to integrate and unite into this warm and friendly New Zealand society.” says Morgan.
Morgan is also a small business owner and understands what it takes to develop and maintain a business.

If elected, Morgan will bring to the local board fresh new perspectives and help make local businesses more prosperous. He also supports alternative energy fuel vehicles and better traffic management. Morgan continues to fight unfairness and crimes.

Morgan says, “I will strive to protect traditional Howick culture and the beautiful environment from unsustainable economic growth. I support the secular fabric of New Zealand and promote the peaceful co-existence of all religions.”

Morgan and his team, East Vision, are an independent, multicultural and professional team. Morgan proudly says, “We come from different cultural backgrounds however we share the same values, East Vision values.”

Jess Andrews (East Vision)
Standing for Howick Local Board, Howick Subdivision

Jess has been a native local of east Auckland for over 30 years. She has two grown children and more free time to work in your community.

Jess has undertaken tertiary studies in social work, event and project management.  She has more than a decade in volunteer experience from Citizens Advice Bureau, teacher aide to working with those in need.  Furthermore, as a professional businesswoman, she helps clients with their insurance requirements.

In 2014, Jess won the East and South Auckland Ceroc Dance Championships.  So she knows what it takes to work hard, persevere and get results.

“Howick is known as Auckland’s most historically-conscious place. However, the question I often ask myself is “Will our next generation see Howick for its rich heritage as we do?” she says.

Jessica Andrews

Jess believes it is vital to preserve the most important historical treasures rather than demolish them.  She says, “The moment I saw your community gather together and work hard to save Stockade Hill Views was the moment that I realised Howick is a place that is not being heard!”

This prompted Jess to make a stand and be the strong voice for Howick.

“I will continue to commit to robust, proactive and ongoing engagement in your community,” she says.

“In fact, I invite you to connect with me so let’s share a coffee in our township.”

Jess and her team, East Vision, host regular public meetings and events.



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