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A new generation of leadership

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Ashleigh Harding: Standing for Howick Local Board, Botany Subdivision

I’m bringing new energy to the table.

My name is Ashleigh Harding. I am a graduate, a mother and a proud local member of the Botany community. I’m standing for the Howick Local Board in the upcoming 2019 local body elections and I ask for your vote.

I work in a community-based role in Botany and hold a business degree in Management and Economics, with training in health science, graphic design and law.

In this changing world, my diverse skill set provides the basis for the common sense leadership needed to make the best decisions on behalf of the people of Botany.

To be an effective leader and to help competently govern a community, being educated and having flexibility and a wide range of skills and experiences is key, as are old-fashioned values such as compassion and tolerance.

It’s also important to be able to critically assess budgets with integrity and the capability to support good fiscal decision making.

Ashleigh Harding

I’m both compassionate and tolerant but I’m also tired of seeing money wasted on frivolous projects.

I believe in spending local funds on projects and events that benefit the majority of people and on focusing on the basics and doing it well.

Things such as community and economic development, transport infrastructure and quality local facilities. Our local roads are broken and congested due to poor planning.

I’m committed to improving roading and public transport alternatives both now and into the future.

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