UVC a tool to fight Covid-19

A recent study in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC), investigating using UVC light (UVC refers to ultraviolet light at certain wavelengths) to kill large amounts of the coronavirus in liquid culture found that UVC light exposure completely inactivated the virus in nine minutes.
Another study also published in the AJIC looking at using a specific type of light to kill SARS-COV 2 on laboratory surfaces found that the UVC light reduced the live coronavirus’s effectiveness by 99.7 per cent in 30 seconds.
Based on these results, researchers estimated that when applied to current regulatory standards for UVC, UVC could kill 99.9 per cent of airborne coronaviruses in about 25 minutes.
So as a different approach, hospitals might investigate the use of UVC light exposure applied to infected persons and even the sun tanning beds of yesteryear might become new weapons in fighting the virus.
Gary Hollis, Mellons Bay