Have we forgotten about God?

Covid-19 is a manmade evil spread to all nations of the world. It has caused mayhem to all societies cultures and economies. But that is not all we are experiencing at this file in time, earthquakes volcanisms, floods, fires and huge landslides.
The planet is groaning and everything that can be shaken is being shaken. Now we can add to that wars and rumours of wars. Afghanistan is turning ugly as is the Middle East surrounding Israel. International leadership is at its weakest I’ve ever seen with self-seeking of power rather than the pursuit of freedoms.
Our trusted Western institutions are being revealed as corrupt deep in their core. Godly virtues have been systematically removed and replaced with man’s moral laxity and we are suffering. The world is in a much more dangerous place with terrorism rising and the threat of nuclear war growing as a consequence. It is a call for us to return to our maker’s safety and put Him back as the head of our nations.
Ian George, Howick