Paved over paradise

The pleasant little gravel path, leading from the end of Oliver Road, along the cliff overlooking Eastern Beach and into Macleans Park has been replaced with a concrete path.

The gravel path was never muddy, was lovely to run along and suited the environment. Now we have one that jolts the joints and which will become a slip hazard as the nearby foliage falls on it and rots in the wet because it is non-porous and it is ugly.

I estimate that there is 2.7 cubic metres (assuming that it is 10cm deep) of concrete there including that used down the stairs to the park.

By my calculation, at least 64.8kg of CO2 was emitted to the environment to make enough cement for this concrete. This does not take into account the CO2 emitted to the environment to provide the gravel, sand and water to make the concrete and to transport the concrete to the site where it is to be spread.

All of this adds CO2 to the environment. Not only is it confirmed as being a leading contributor to climate change but it is also leading to increasing acidification of rivers, lakes and seas. That is not only detrimental to life in the water but affects the availability of aquatic food sources.

Why was this done? Who thought it was necessary and why?

Vicky Williamson
Bucklands Beach