A note to the brazen thief

You know who you are and I hope you are reading this.

I am in my garden minding my own business and you walk brazenly into my home, turn all my private things upside down, take my money and my husband’s watch that was bought with love.

I meet you on my driveway as you are coming out of my garage and I ask what you are doing. Looking for your dog, you said, and I really thought you were.

All the time you were looking me in the eye and lying to me, my money and my husband’s watch were buring a hole in your pocket.

You will get what you deserve. That is nature’s law.

Your mother would not be proud of you and she would tell you not to do that again.

Needless to say how upsetting your actions have been for me.

Name withheld
Aberfeldy Ave, Highland Park