Open letter to Fulton Hogan

The bus stop in question on Cook Street. Photo supplied.

Dear Nithin [Nithin Thomas, project engineer, Fulton Hogan], my name is Paul, I live on Cook Street.

In regards to the notification that our neighbourhood received last night, I like the word “delineate” but I doubt most people know what this means.

I’m assuming the modification is some sort of barrier that sits next to the gutter to push the buses further out onto the road to stop the buses hitting the tree. I can’t believe the council and Auckland Transport is, yet again, wasting money on ridiculous solutions to a simple problem.

Surely the better answer is to move the bus stop 20 or 30 metres down the road where there are no trees overhanging the road. This could solve a number of problems.

Firstly, it keeps the bus close to the sidewalk, so cars can pass.

Improves visibility for cars coming out of the driveway at number 59 if a bus was stopped here.

Could provide a couple of car parks on that side of the road between the roundabout and the bus stop. Currently there are no carparks for probably 80m of road.

Brings the buses more central to the park and hence does not impact on any housing.

Repainting of the bus stop and moving the post must be much cheaper than your current solution.

Unfortunately, given this work is due to start tomorrow April 8, there has been very little time for anyone to discuss with Auckland Transport.

I would suggest delaying this project and giving this some more thought.

Paul Tonge​, Howick