A loss for Howick

Cockle Bay Residents and Ratepayers wish to pay tribute to Graeme Lane, who passed away on March 30.

Graeme was an indefatigable advocate for the application of good town planning principles. He was a strong advocate on behalf of local residents, making presentations to the Independent Hearings Panel developing the Auckland Unitary Plan and contributing to discussion on the retention of the character of the Howick Village and the viewshafts from Stockade Hill.

He had prepared detailed submissions to the Environment Court on the proposed development at Sandspit Road and was looking forward to presenting his case before the Court.

Even from his hospital bed he was developing challenges to the new legislation which will permit greater housing intensification throughout the Auckland Single House Zones.

Howick is the better for Graeme’s work and residents have much to be thankful for. We have all lost a great supporter.

Laurie Slee, Chairman
Cockle Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association