Manmade global warming

Now that China and the US see that an urgent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions outweighs their ideological differences, we can move on, put climate deniers in the same basket as anti-vaxxers. (Let us pray Trump falls foul of a caring God before the next election.)

In NZ, the immediate problem is National, whose spokesman Stuart Smith (MP for Kaikōura) wants us to believe the market will solve the problem by magic and sacrificing an easy profit. Ha ha ha.

The old power stations were built by the government and that’s why we’ve got them.
Now all is governed to make a profit, not electricity. That’s the reason we are short, burning coal and paying too much. We need more renewable electricity, like yesterday.

If Messrs Brown (MP for Pakuanga) and Luxon (MP for Botany) want to do something useful for humanity then join Labour which, at least, has the right idea if not the wit to untangle the mess National made of our electricity supply.

Dennis N Horne