Thank goodness, a Ministry for Disabled People

The announcement of a new Ministry for Disabled People, under the Ministry for Social Development, has been hailed as a much-needed development by the Grey Power Federation.

President Jan Pentecost said the new ministry, which will begin operations in July next year, would be a welcome opportunity for disabled people to have a say in policies which affect them.

“For far too long disabled people had no option but to mutely accept what was done, supposedly on their behalf, but without their input or advice. I think it is a very courageous move that the new ministry will be led by disabled people who are the only ones who really understand what they have put up with for many years and what they really need to be able to function and participate in society at all levels.

Pentecost said the federation would give whatever assistance and advice the new ministry needed, particularly in relation to the needs of disabled senior people who have serious issues with work opportunities, health, incomes, and housing.

She said she shared the expectation of many people that the new ministry would finally address the current variation of approach and disparity between ACC and MSD in their treatment of senior disabled people.