It just doesn’t stack up

Re: ‘Just a minute Mr Brown’ (Brigitte Horne, Times, January 26).

Just a minute Brigitte.

I read, with interest, your letter regarding trains. I always to keep in touch with local and New Zealand news. I start from an open platform and may not have your experience with the past and present study of rail rolling stock.

I come from an old Dunedin family – my grandfather was Mayor of Dunedin years ago.
But to get back to the question that you address [you really seem to follow politics on a very closed front]. I have visited the workshops. They are in a very run-down state.

I have learned the pros and cons of what the future of the workshops should be and have discussed with parties for and against of the workshops’ future. My considered opinion is that, politically, it would be a great idea but the business case just does not stack up.

We just cannot compete on this type of production today. It’s a great big market out there in the real world.

I note your concern regarding employment but my study is that New Zealand, including the “Mainland’’, is very short of engineers, construction and other tradespeople, so your employment comments are nebulous.

No, the cost benefit study does not stack up.

Rob Walker