Just a minute Mr Brown

Re: ‘Millions wasted on rail yards’ (Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown, Times Wednesday, January 19).

The Auckland Harbour cycle bridge was scrapped in response to public opinion – this government listens.

On the other hand, in 2013, National completely ignored the result of the citizens-initiated referendum showing opposition to the partial sale of the four state-owned power companies and Air New Zealand. Referendum cost: $9 million.

Through neglect, the KiwiRail Hillside workshops need extensive redevelopment to modernise the site, rebuild the largest workshop, overhaul heavy lift facilities and traverser and remove asbestos.

Some 250 construction workers would be employed – wonderful news for those on the dole. The ‘new’ site, when in full operation, will increase the maintenance of locomotives and wagons and even build wagons instead of importing them. The cost of sea freight is astronomical nowadays.

It will employ more than 100 workers – 10 per cent will be apprentices. Did I hear a shriek from the opposition?

Rail could allow us to reduce the number of heavy trucks and cars on the road – reducing CO2 emission. What ideas does Mr Brown have to reduce CO2 emissions from transport?

Seems creating jobs in New Zealand, taking people off the dole, introducing new technology and reintroducing the apprenticeship scheme are a waste of money to Mr Brown. What can I say?

Brigitte Horne