Fairies visit Howick kindy

Just before we entered the latest lockdown, the children at Howick Kindergarten began showing an interest in our outdoor fairy door.

Lachlan Marnewick peers inside the fairy door on one of our handmade fairy houses.

Jackson (3 years) wondered where the fairies lived and what was behind the fairy door.

What followed next was the development of our very own fairy garden at kindergarten.

During the lockdown the teachers continued their discussions as a team and involved the children in the process of designing and creating our fairy garden.

We wondered what natural or upcycled resources we could use, as the shops were closed and items were hard to source.

Teacher Arden Thomas said the main point was for the children to make the fairy garden and make their own choices in what went into the fairy garden.

Once a small group of children returned to ‘bubble kindergarten’, the actual creating process began.

Succulent plants were harvested from our rock garden that the children had made earlier on in the year, and fairy cottages, signs and ladders up to the fairy doors were made by the children.

Our fairy garden is an on-going work in progress, with even an upcoming addition of a fairy rugby field planned by Lachlan (aged 3). We are not only excited about the magical play opportunities that the fairy garden will offer our children but recognise how empowering the creation process has been for our children also.

Leonie Kelly, Head Teacher
Howick Kindergarten