Are local beaches producing microplastics?

Retaining walls on the beach at Eastern and Bucklands Beaches are eroding, exposing the very cause of microplastics.

There are plastic mesh bags [filled with concrete], breaking down, some sort of polyester blankets, with long fibres detaching.

The UV rays and wave action are clearly causing disintegration for particles to be washed out to sea.

It’s been common knowledge for years now, how these plastics affect marine life.

More evidence was recently found at Antarctica.

I noticed an area, 37m long, at the north end of Eastern Beach, and 20m long at the north end of Bucklands Beach where these pollutants have been utilised.

How much more is under the banks waiting to be released?

I sent notification, with photos, to Auckland Council on June 10.

Will they think this is important?

I wonder how long it will take for action.

Doug Plimer
Bucklands Beach