Come on AT

In the issue of The Times (June 1) I commented on the proposal for a raised crossing on Pakuranga Road.

Further to that, I am well aware that Auckland Transport (AT) would like all of us to ditch our cars and travel everywhere on public transport.

Unfortunately, this organisation does not have the skills (and probably government funding) required to offer the public a reliable and consistent alternative to our own vehicles, as our experience on the weekend demonstrated.

We turned up for the advertised sailing of the Half Moon Bay to city ferry, along with others who had obviously viewed the same website as ourselves, only to find that the ferry was not scheduled to depart for another 45 minutes.

Upon ringing the AT helpline, we were all told that we shouldn’t have looked at that website because it is not updated and we should have used the journey-planner instead.

I got no response when I asked why the website that we all had used was even up there at all.

And they expect us to rely on the ‘service’ they are offering?

Marty Kebble
Pakuranga Heights