The art of storytelling

By Hannah Williams

Mark Stevenson works on his art every morning at a local cafe in Howick.

Bringing a person’s story to life through art, Mark Stevenson has taken his passion for all things creative and made a name for himself in the community.

His unique business sees an array of customers tell him a story about a person they love, taking the information you give and “picturises it in a way that is highly engaging” for everyone who sees it.

But despite his success, Mark isn’t interested in the materialistic side of it, preferring to focus on the way his art makes people feel.

When a person looks at his art he wants them to be filled with “encouragement, joy and wonder”.

That, Mark says, is the biggest motivation behind King and I Productions.

It first began as a way to show his wife how much he loved her but became more when he saw just how his art could inspire a person.

“It startles people but it also resonates with people, they come back to it constantly and never forget how it makes them feel,” he says.

Mark then started the business to spread joy across the community as he believes the power of words is one of the strongest things a person can have.

“Words that are spoken over or to you that are [describing] the best of who you are, are so vital for you to have, they remind you through the good times and the bad, who you really are”

He hopes when someone sees his art they see “the whole essence behind it” and it “says exactly what they want to see” which is to see the “better them”.

He wants to bring some colour back into the community as he believes his artwork is fun but meaningful and he finds that “humour is what the world needs right now”.

  • To check out his artwork, visit the King and I Productions Facebook page.