Cheerful re-enactment of a dark tale

The talented cast of 23 have worked hard to bring the story to life through the magic of live theatre. Times photo Wayne Martin

The Howick Children’s and Youth Theatre is excited about the production of  The Pied Piper – a colourful and cheerful re-enactment of the very famous and somewhat dark classic tale at the Harlequin Theatre from July 4-7.

Directed by Kelly Raos, this version of the play puts a positive spin on the story, with the ‘Land of the Piper’ being portrayed as a wonderful place for children to have lots of fun.

Rats! The town is full of rats and no one knows what to do! Then a young musician comes to town, promising that he will rid the town of the rats in return for three bags of gold coins.

When he plays a haunting tune on his pipe, the rats follow him to their deaths in the river, but the mayor won’t pay the piper…

This talented cast of 23 have worked hard to bring this story to life through the magic of live theatre.

Thirteen-year-old Tim Slogrove, who plays the lead role, says, “This is my first time playing a main character and I’ve found it a challenge to step up my acting to a new level. The Pied Piper is a character who is boastful and demanding but also caring and kind to the children.”

Another 13-year-old, Ben Edwards, who plays Peter, admits that while she found the posture and movement of playing Peter a bit of a challenge as he uses a crutch and has a limp, he really enjoyed the story of the Pied Piper “and found the play to be good fun”.

Brooke Martin, who plays Alisa, says that though she found it challenging “to act overly protective as Alisa is to Peter. I have enjoyed playing a character similar to my age”.

The family-friendly play is for children five years of age and upwards.

  • When: Thursday July 4 at 7.30pm, Friday July 5 at 7.30pm, Saturday July 6 at 1.30pm &, Sunday July at 7 1.30pm &