Sixty years, a blink of an eye for Cruising Club

Six decades.

This is how long the Shelly Park Cruising Club has been around giving boaties the chance to meet and support other like-minded people.

Later this month they will be commemorating 60 years with a big celebration bringing together members past and present at the Maraetai Beach Boating Clubrooms.

The club was formed in 1959 by a small group of men who had boats that they needed moorings for, and a need for mutual assistance with maintenance of the boats and their moorings.

They would get together to take part in summer cruises, boat races, family picnics and working bees.

Activities included a winter racing series for the yachts, summer cruising races, a single handed race, a two handed night race around Waiheke and a ladies race for which a lady had to be on the helm throughout.

The annual picnic, a bonfire night, and the annual prize-giving social were other highlights of the club’s social calendar.

Even though the times have changed, and some of the club’s original activities have dropped off such as the regular racing series, the cruising club is still one of the last boating clubs of its kind where members provide mutual assistance to each other in all aspects of boating.

The picnic is still held each year on a nearby island beach (Motuihe, or Waiheke), now with many original members bringing not only their children but grandchildren with them.

The family-orientated club shares the love of boating from generation to generation.

Summer cruises and bi-annual working bees are also still on the yearly agenda.

Over the years the club has also developed operating cods of best practice for environmental protection when maintaining their boats and exceptional health and safety practices.

They have also developed lasting and valuable relationships with neighbouring clubs such as the Howick Sea Scouts who they have shared the reserve with for many years.

Recently they signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Howick Sea Scouts for increased and continuing mutual support and involvement in each other’s activities.

Six decades on and the cruising club is here to stay.

  • If you are interested in becoming a member of the Shelly Park Cruising Club visit for more information.