Monday, February 26, 2024

Young mum shares birthday treats with school kids

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Riverina school kids wishing Ferzeen a happy birthday. Times photo Farida Master..

Students of Riverina School were treated to sandwiches, apples, bananas, chips and cookies last week.

It was Howick resident Ferzeen Dadabhoy’s birthday and the young mum decided to celebrate it by treating the kids of the school to some afternoon tea.

In return, she received some beautiful birthday cards made by the students of the primary school which moved her to tears. She received warm hugs, flowers and the entire school wishing her a happy birthday.

Ferzeen’s message to the young students was “Don’t thank me, just carry it forward. When you grow up, you must remember to give back to the community.”

When principal of Riverina School Carol Dickinson asked the school kids, “How many of you think of others on your birthday?” to her surprise a lot of eager hands went up. To which laughed saying, “Looks like our future is in very good hands.”

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