Podcast celebrates creative professionals

A local musician is giving people an insight into the careers of creative professionals.

Danny McCrum, who grew up in Bucklands Beach, hosts the podcast, Don’t Give Up Your Day Job with drummer, and founding member of New Zealand band Opshop, Bobby Kennedy.

McCrum, a solo artist, has released three albums and has been a full time musician for more than 12 years, having worked with names such as Eric Clapton, Simple Minds, John Mayer and Jeff Beck.

The podcast features musicians, actors, producers, comedians, animators, directors and more and has recently featured guests such as Wellington comedian and entrepreneur Shaun Howes, Seattle-born and NZ-based pianist and composer Rachel LaFond and member of the Jordan Luck Band Joe Walsh.

  •  Don’t Give Up Your Day Job is available to listen on iTunes, Stitcher and Buzzsprout as well as www.dontgiveupyourdayjob.co.nz