Reeves wants new school at Beachlands

NZ First candidate, Jon Reeves.

Jon Reeves, the NZ First list candidate in Hunua, would re-open all the rural police stations closed in New Zealand in the past year and buy land for a high school in Beachlands.

Reeves, 45, is going up against incumbent Andrew Bayly (National) and wants voters to give NZ First their party vote to ensure he gets in on the list.

“For the first time Hunua electorate will have two MPs. Competition is good and I believe having both myself and a local electorate MP can only mean more attention will be given to the region by Central Government,” he said.

“It will also mean if you have an issue and feel the local electorate MP has not helped resolve it, you will be able to contact me, as your New Zealand First List MP based in Hunua electorate.

“That is why it is very important you party vote New Zealand First this election.”

He feels the major issues are mass open-door immigration and housing; Auckland Council and Auckland Transport; a secondary school for Beachlands and crime.

“New Zealand First demand 1800 extra police on the beat within three years. This is catch-up to pay for the freeze and cuts made to the police by the National Government,” said Reeves.

“NZ First will ensure all rural police stations are no longer single-staffed. We will reopen the 41 rural police stations National has closed down in the past year. Whitford/Beachlands will have additional staffing resources allocated.”

Reeves, the co-owner of an advertising company and an account manager for a media company, was the co-ordinator and co-founder of the Public Transport Users Association and committee member of the Campaign for Better Transport.  He is lobbying for better transport and investment in public transport.

“Ironically, last year Mayor Phil Goff campaigned on wanting more transparency and, once in power, immediately dumped the only two democratically-elected board members off the board of Auckland Transport,” Reeves said.

“Now ratepayers have no voice in that organisation. I will personally work to change Auckland Council and Auckland Transport and other out-of-control Council Controlled Organisations.”

On immigration and housing, he is blunt. “If we do not slow housing demand through taking a breather on mass-immigration, we will never get on top of the current housing crisis,”

“It is reported we are short of 250,000 houses, yet in the past 12 months only 29,500 were built across the entire country. We will never catch up at that rate.”

And on education, he is equally unequivocal.

“With the huge developments and expansion occurring in Beachlands, it is absolutely clear it is time for Central Government to purchase land in the district for a future secondary school.

“For the past nine years the current Government has only paid lip service to this issue.”