But you love me daddy

Michael De Brito Vale enjoys time with his kids Sam, 7yrs & Chloe, 5yrs, at Pigeon Mountain School’s Fathers Day celebration. Times photo Wayne Martin.

Once a year, Pigeon Mountain Primary School takes time out to thank the special blokes in their students’ lives and enact the school motto of ‘Education with a heart’.

The aroma of sausage sizzle filled the air at the school on Friday morning, as a multitude of fathers, granddads, big brothers and assorted relatives took time out of their day to spend some quality time with sons, daughters, nephews and nieces.

The school had even gone to the effort of preparing light-hearted notes for the special men to show to employers in the hope of securing a large attendance at the event.

It read: “Dear Boss, I’ll be late to work on Friday because I’ve been invited to the breakfast event at Pigeon Mountain School. It’s really important that I go for my young one(s). Call Mr Dickinson if you don’t believe me!”

“The note was a little tongue-in-cheek,” says principal Ian Dickinson, “But we realise how difficult it is for many of our hard-working parents to get into school and share some time alongside their child.

Greg Young enjoys a hot drink with his son Alvin, 6 yrs, at Pigeon Mountain School’s Fathers Day celebration.Times photo Wayne Martin.

“By holding a breakfast time event and writing the note, we think we’ve generated a lot of interest, and the turnout was great.”