Sustenance for Salvation Army food bank

FreshChoice hand over the goods to Salvation Army East City Corp. (left-right) Chris Harris, Melissa, Becs, Kathy Tait and Sarah Taylor. Photo supplied

Doing their bit to help the locals,  FreshChoice recently donated $1000 worth of groceries to the Salvation Army East City Corp.

Before loading the trolleys with goods, the store co-owner Chris Harris contacted the Salvation Army to make sure they collected the items that were most needed.

Corp administrator Melissa says she was relieved to be contacted by the Half Moon Bay supermarket because the food bank supplies were wiped out when the first lockdown happened.

“People were made redundant for the first time in their lives and we met one person who started a new business just as we went into the first lockdown,” she says.

“We were grateful Chris asked us what we needed because we often run short on breakfast cereals, pasta and sauces – things you can easily make a meal with.

“Also, with the kids home from school there is a huge demand for snacks.”

Household basics such as toiletries and items for baby-care are also welcomed.

The Howick-based Salvation Army food bank gives out about 30 food parcels per week and they anticipate greater demand as the impact of Covid-19 increases.

The FreshChoice team donated the groceries over two periods, one after the first lockdown and the second load when Auckland was in Alert Level 3.

Mr Harris says FreshChoice makes community donations every month and he was pleased they could make a difference to people in our community who need extra support this year.