Scottish Dancing for fun, fitness and friendship

The local Scottish Dancing Clubs have plenty of social get-togethers and are looking forward to more people joining in. Photo supplied

It’s an opportunity to explore creativity, expression, musicality, fluidity, balance and posture.

“Scottish Dancing, a form of social dance is good for the brain,” says Jim Donald, president of the Howick Scottish Country Dancing Club.

The dance consists of a sequence of figures.

The Howick Scottish Country Dancing Club celebrated their 60th anniversary last year with dancers from all over Auckland joining in.

The country dancing club that meets on Tuesday at the All Saints Community Hall, 7.30pm is proud of their first member, Rosemary Mouldon still dancing with them for the last 60 years!

“East Auckland is lucky to have two Scottish dancing clubs,” says Lynn Sharp, President of the Highland Park Scottish Country Dancing Club that will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary on July 25.

The Highland Park Scottish Country Dancing Club meets at the Howick Primary School on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm.

“We still have our original members Alice and Warren Taylor for 30 years,” says Sharp who admits that she wishes she had started earlier.

“Scottish dancing is a social dance and you don’t need a partner because you get to dance with everyone else.

“Most of the times you end up sharing just one dance with your husband, the rest of the evening you are dancing with other people,” she laughs saying.

The Howick and the Highland Park Country Scottish Dancing Clubs that have plenty of social get-togethers throughout the year are looking forward to more people joining in the fun.

Currently, both the local clubs are looking forward to do something spectacular for the 175 Anniversary of Howick and Districts, next year.


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