Santa Claus is coming along riding on his sleigh

Santa’s sleigh helpers from Howick College (l-r) Robert Qalowasa, Steffi Webb-Butler, Reuben Ata, Nadiene Kyle, Simran Chandra and Joshua Stockman. Times photo Wayne Martin.

With only 15 sleeps to the Howick Santa Parade on Sunday December 9, the excitement is mounting.

As Bo Burns – who has taken over the organising of the iconic parade this year – deals with volunteers, activities, entertainment, participants, sponsors and after-event parties, somewhere in Howick College a team of students is working hard to design and prepare Santa’s sleigh.

Howick College teacher Nadiene Kyle is busy helping the students put the sleigh together in a big workshop.

The construction and mechanical technology teacher says students have been working on the sleigh since the beginning of the term.

“It all started with a model that was designed by year 10 students Steffi Webb Butler and Simran Chandra. They incorporated moko in the design to add an element of difference. The colour they chose is not red this year. They’ve gone for green.

Students then had to figure out the graphics of the product, the dimensions and how much material they would need in terms of sheets of ply.

The project has everyone in good cheer as it gradually takes shape.

Student Robert Qalowasa helped by painting the design parts, Joshua Stockman with woodturning and Reuben Ata with construction.

Together, Santa’s helpers are working hard to put the sleigh together. It is the highlight of the parade as Santa will travel on it and make his way from Fencible Drive to Wellington Street and onto Picton Street and finish at Cook Street.