Monday, December 11, 2023

Dynamic duo at Monterey Gallery, On your bikes and Congratulations to our winners!

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Congratulations to the following winners of the Times Easter Hunt in Howick Village competition, prizes courtesy of the Howick Village Business Association.

5-8 years: First prize Jake Newbould, second prize Amber Broadbent.

9-12 years: First prize Josh Radford, second prize Freya Newbould.

We hope you all enjoyed the competition!

We know one of our participants certainly did – a six-year-old girl from Howick who joined her mother for a shopping trip to the village and was overheard asking Judy of Lily Whyte
Lingerie the most important question of them all: “Where’s your nose?”

Congratulations to our winners!

Howick Village


Holly (left) and Anne (right) are the new owners of Monterey Gallery in the village. Times photo Laura Brookes

Dynamic duo at Monterey Gallery 

They’re the dream mother and daughter duo, working together to create a contemporary art space locals will love to love.

Holly Davies and her mother Anne Brewer are the co-owners of Monterey Gallery situated on Cook Street.

The gallery was first established in October 1999 in the historic Monterey Theatre building.

The pair bought the gallery space in February this year, and spent the first couple of weeks renovating it to create a contemporary, minimalist feel.

Anne, who has a strong background in business, was pleasantly surprised at the concern expressed by the Howick community when renovations were taking place.

Many were worried the beloved gallery would exist no longer, she said. But now, with around 40 artists regularly providing work to the gallery and a total database of around 300, the business is thriving.

“Every month we have at least one new exhibition, if not two,” said Holly, “so every one to two weeks it changes.”

The latest exhibition, 40×40 SALON, featured more than 140 artworks, and the duo look forward to hosting more exhibitions catered for Howick locals in the future.

Holly, who is an artist herself and has previously exhibited her work in New Zealand and Australia, has also taken to the website (now an online shop) and social media with a
minimalist approach to enhance the gallery’s online presence.

“We wanted to really put a digital stamp on the place,” she said. “We plan to be experimental and try new things… to get a broader scope.”

For now, they are enjoying meeting new people from all walks of life, including community locals and the artists who provide work, so next time you’re in and around the village, pop
by and say hello.

You may even find a new artwork for the home while you’re there, or maybe you’re in need of gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Visit Monterey and be inspired by the handmade collectable glass and ceramic vases and objects, useful vessels and jewellery, with pieces starting from $50.


From left: Bruce Bothwell, Mike Benzie and Gerald Patterson. Times photo Kelly Teed

On your bikes! 

Gerald Patterson of prominent travel store Helloworld Howick is setting off to cycle the North Island alongside businessmen Bruce Bothwell and Mike Benzie this July, and we want to get in early to wish them the best of luck in their preparations.

Ride of the Legends 2017 begins in Wellington and ends in Auckland. They’ll be joined by a few rugby greats along the way – including the likes of Buck Shelford, Albert Anderson, Bernie McCahill, Ian Kirkpatrick and Andy Earl.

The trio hope to raise $15,000 between them prior to the event.


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