World population reduction solution

Today, a friend said, “Earth can sustain only 1 billion yet we will have 12bn by 2100 unless there is a readjustment. You couldn’t run a farm the way we run society.” He is so right.

By decreasing the world population of people we will proportionally reduce the rate of global warming and solve many other problems we have in the world today.

First world countries, with family planning, are slowly doing this but they need further encouragement to decrease the birth rate in the more densely-populated countries.

Third world countries need birth control assistance and education in family planning to counter some religions that want to rule the world by banning birth control. The Chinese dictatorship tried it with a one child per family policy but relapsed.

Politicians rarely mention the subject as they just want more admirers as in Facebook. The wealthy want more slaves to make more money for them. Elon Musk wants to own Twitter so that he could influence governments, introduce Trump-like politics and make his existence more secure. He is shocked that his friends, the Russian oligarch billionaires, overnight, have lost access to most of their wealth, a probable temporary situation unfortunately.

One redeeming feature is he is building electric cars which he sees as a business opportunity.

In New Zealand, both the National Party and the Labour Coalition want to increase our population and destroy our standard of living by legislating (by stealth) for denser housing in our cities. Labour thinks that this will solve a relatively short-term problem and get their housing policy failure off the hook in time for the next election, but they will lose hook line and sinker. The National Party just like the business opportunity and the idea of more slaves to make more money.

On May 10, I received the Auckland Council May Newsletter introducing the dense housing policy headed with a pretty picture.

See the propaganda and deceit in the picture – the background of green hills and foreground of lawns and parks, spaces between buildings all dominate, and see the propaganda in the text. All this has been carefully orchestrated by the Labour Coalition, the National Party and Phil Goff and his Council.

Of course, guess who lives on a rural lifestyle block in the country?

Paul Jensen