Some answers please Mr Brown

Re: Auckland’s top transport priority should be a second harbour crossing (Times, February 9, Comment from Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown).

Woosh! That is the sound of science escaping over Simeon Brown’s head.

Methane is approaching 2ppm – triple the pre-industrial level. Cause? Possibly manmade global warming itself.

It’s called feedback and we may be reaching a tipping point beyond which there is no going back to the benign climate that nurtured our civilisation (over 100 years methane is 30 times worse than CO2 and 80 times over 20 years).

We must reduce CO2 from transport. That is the absolute priority.

So about the second harbour crossing, Mr Brown. What exactly do you have in mind? More roads? More cars? More votes for National?

Because you don’t mention CO2 once in your wee, niggling article about Labour’s shortcomings. What do you think we are? Turkeys voting for Christmas?

Dennis Horne, Howick