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Senior knitters keeping babies warm this winter

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A basket of warm knitwear was delivered to the Botany Downs Primary Birthing Unit on May 9. Times photo

A small group of dedicated east Auckland senior citizens are doing their bit to help keep tiny babies warm this winter.

Using three- and four-ply wool, they spend hours each week knitting beanies and booties that are donated to local maternity hospitals and given to newborns in their care.

One of the seniors delivered a basket of the warm and colourful knitwear to the Botany Downs Primary Birthing Unit on May 9.

“Any really small items are sent to the neonatal unit at Kidz First Children’s Hospital for premature babies,” the knitting group says.

“There’s a lot of mothers go into hospital and their babies have nothing.

“Some mums aren’t prepared and don’t have the basics.

“We have spare time and enjoy nothing more than sitting and knitting.”

East Auckland residents who have spare three- or four-ply wool they wish to donate to the local knitting group can email

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