Sunday, December 10, 2023

Seeking positive redirection

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When I speak to new acquaintances, they voice a very similar cry, ‘What is happening to our world?’

The traditional world of our past decades is no more. The foundations of hope, trust, honesty, truth and justice are washing away with floods of woke distrust, lies and hypocrisy.

How did all this happen? Gradually; yes, gradually.

When we remove the foundational strengths of our nation, the social edifice crumbles. There is nothing sound to hold on to.

Everything is tolerated from self-gratification to sexual exploitation to racial privilege to changing the definition of marriage, confusing the definition of a woman, following woke ideologies – it’s all up for grabs. It’s hell’s corridors! No rules, no guidance.

So replacing those foundational strengths becomes paramount or we lose what little remains.

Your vote is important because it determines who wins the next election.

Our party leaders in Wellington are uncommitted or unaware and part of our demise.

It is so important to seek the truth and avoid the spin and deception.

Many folk are now seeking this positive redirection for our country where hope, truth and justice, our traditional values, are rebuilt amidst the chaos.

Ian George

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