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Mysterious character will keep play’s audiences guessing

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The cast of Howick Little Theatre’s latest production is serving up mystery and suspense. Photo supplied Howick Little Theatre

Howick Little Theatre’s latest stage production is described as a captivating mystery centered on a character who’s shrouded in secrecy and suspicion.

Entitled Aurélia, it opened at the theatre on May 4 and plays until May 25.

It’s written by the award-winning Robert Thomas and transports the audience to 1980s Cotswolds, England.

Lady Chalmont, played by Debbie Allan, receives the welcome news her estranged nephew John is returning home from abroad with his new wife, Aurelia, portrayed by Ellie Barrow.

However, Aurelia arrives alone, shrouded in secrecy and suspicion.

Isabel, played by Olivia Skelling, John’s childhood friend, grapples with unresolved feelings for him while she tries to maintain a facade of composure as Aurelia’s presence disrupts the household.

Tensions are raised by the visitations of the fastidiously charming Mercer, played by Romain Mereau, who claims to be friends with John and Aurelia, but has his own suspect motives.

The seemingly idyllic scene is complicated by Vera, played by Brenda Jackson, Lady Chalmont’s observant and sharp-witted housekeeper, and the arrival of an unexpected visitor, played by Tom Campbell, who throws everything further into question.

Originally a French work by Robert Thomas and Jean-Pierre Ferriere – who was referred to as the “French Agatha Christie” – and translated to English by Tudor Gates, Aurélia is a masterful blend of suspense and intrigue, with several unexpected turns.

“The script captivated me,” director Arthur Young says.

“I envisioned the characters vividly and the way the story unfolded from the first read.”

He praises the talented cast who have brought the play to life through a vigorous and fun rehearsal process.

“I hope everyone enjoys the twists and turns that are coming.

“There will be some laughs, some suspense, some tears, and a few shocking surprises that will have everyone talking.”

With its exploration of deception, the complexities of human relationships, and the secrets people keep, Aurélia promises to have audiences on the edge of their seats and questioning everything.

Tickets are available online at or through iTICKET on 09 361 1000.

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