Scooters shouldn’t be on footpath

Regarding your article re a man being struck by a young man on a scooter in December and spending more than 17 days in hospital from one accident [Times, March 2].

How many more have happened and will continue to unless it is addressed?

What a waste of hospital time and resources when a simple piece of legislation would have been able to stop this happening.

Council, it’s time to rethink about allowing scooters in the main shopping area of Howick.

I have no objections to electric scooters, but there is a place for them, but not on foot path in the main street, where people are coming in and out of shops.

Pedestrians in Howick need to feel safe. Scooters are not allowed in shopping malls, so Howick – take note – you do not want to lose your shoppers.

Barbara McGrath