Is it a footpath or wheelpath?

Now and then my wife and I are given a fright by sudden loud ringing of bike bells behind us when strolling on the footpath.

By instinct, we leap to the left side of footpath, giving way to the energetic cyclist who flashes past like a gust of wind, leaving us behind, startled with our hearts beating faster from the sudden shock.

That sort of unpleasant occurrence has happened to us many times.

Dear cyclists, please be aware the route that strollers are walking on is footpath, not a wheelpath.

It is common sense cyclists should give way to walkers on a footpath when coming across each other.

The correct and decent approach is to refrain from ringing your loud bell suddenly from behind a walker’s back and quietly riding onto the grass strip alongside the footpath and riding back onto the footpath after passing walkers. Are you with me?

Everybody in our society is supposed to be kind, considerate and respectful to all the people around us. Your elegant and decent manner will make our beautiful living environment more harmonious and enjoyable.

Jabert Hou, Dannemora