Youth space opens in Botany

The Howick Youth Council has created a Youth Space at the Botany Town Centre. Times file photo

Te Tuhi has announced the opening of a youth space in Botany Town Centre.

The Youth Space has been designed “by youth for youth” and is supported by the Howick Local Board, Te Tuhi, Botany Town Centre and driven by the Howick Youth Council (HYC).

Adele White, chairperson of the Howick Local Board, says that HYC members have been consistently made valuable and signification contribution to the local communities.

“We are sure they will make sure the voice of our young people is heard from this new space.”

Currently, Te Tuhi says, there are no venues where local rangatahi can come together in activities outside of schools, clubs, and cultural organisations.

“This space will be a place for them to connect with their peers and puts them at the heart of the project.”

Thomas Donnell, HYC’s co-chairperson, says that the youth space is a great opportunity for the young people of east Auckland to have a space that’s uniquely designed for youth and run by youth.

HYC asked the Howick Local Board to consider providing a dedicated youth facility in the area eight years ago.

After false starts due to the pandemic, the Youth Space is finally opening as a three-month pilot programme with the hope it can become permanent.

The Youth Space opens on Saturday April 9 and is open from 9am-1pm. It’s located near the Spark store.