Tree planting hero on a roll: 1220 natives at Mangemangeroa

Around 56 students from Howick College along with three teachers armed with spades and gumboots got their hands dirty helping Karyn Gradon plant 1220 natives at Mangemangeroa Reserve.

The plants were supplied by the Te Whangai Trust.

The Times has featured Karyn and her dedication with conservation work in the area that backs onto the Mangemangeroa Reserve.

On the last count, the Shelly Park resident had trapped 56 ship rats, five Norway rats, 10 possums, nine hedgehogs and 23 mice.

Howick Local Board member John Spiller was very appreciative of her efforts and encouraged Karyn to apply for a Howick Local Board Grant of $5000 to purchase native plants which she received.

Students from Howick College along with neighbours of Lot 29 and Friends of Mangemangeroa helped Karyn Gradon plant 1220 natives on Friday morning. Photo supplied

After planting the first lot of native plants in July 2019 Karyn along with Friends of Mangemangeroa, Howick College students, neighbours from Lot 29 and members of the Te Whangai Trust all got together to plant 1220 native plants on Friday August 7.

“Once you remove invasive weeds it is important to plant native trees,” she says.

“Clearing of the invasive plants started in January 2018. The ongoing work is still required to stop the re-growth of any invasive weeds until the native plants get established. Once the natives are well established they will help minimise the re-growth of invasive weeds in the area,” she says.

“This work will help feed and encourage our native flora and fauna to thrive.”