Sparks are flying in Howick

Hundreds of students will have their interest in science sparked at the ever-popular Science Roadshow which is being hosted by Somerville Intermediate from Wednesday May 22 to Friday  May 24. It is open to all surrounding schools that have pre-booked.

“Sparks” lets students grind and make observations about different metals. It is one of more than 65 hands-on exhibits designed to excite and enthuse students that is available for hands-on exploration at the Science Roadshow.

Shane Kingston, manager of the Science Roadshow, says, “Visitors can also try their hand at nearly anything from lying on a bed of nails to standing inside a bubble, or measuring the amount of sugar in different drinks.

In between exploring the exhibits the Science Roadshow enthrals its audiences with two live shows: Elemental Chemistry – building blocks of reactions, and On The Move – exploring the principles of force and movement.

In its 31st year of operation, the Science Roadshow is touring 120 locations throughout New Zealand in both remote rural areas and city venues. More than 47,000 students from more than 500 schools are expected to visit the Science Roadshow this year.

Raising funds to support this programme is the biggest challenge faced by the National Science Technology Roadshow Trust ( a registered charity and owner of the Science Roadshow programme). All funding offers and opportunities are gratefully received.

“We want all students to have early opportunities to connect with science and technology. Having a fun, hands-on programme that is supportive of student learning, that also provides extra resources for teachers and travels into smaller and more isolated rural towns, as well as into larger cities and the various communities within, goes a long way to reducing many of the barriers to science engagement” says Ian Kennedy, Roadshow director.