Sinking boat saved

The sinking boat. Photo taken by Ben Chissell.

A boat found to be sinking in Tamaki Estuary on Monday evening has been saved.

Ben Chissell took to social media to alert the community in a search for the owner.

The boat, rumoured to be a Pelin Empress, was “sinking not far away from going under,” Chissell said.

He said that there was no name on her and that he couldn’t “find the owner elsewhere”.

“If they don’t have a way to the boat, I can help them with my tender and see if we can save her together,” he said.

Fishing community members advised him to contact Coastguard, Harbour Master and the Panmure Yacht and Boat Club.

The Coastguard did not have the gear to help.

The Panmure Yacht and Boat Club, already notified, were in a similar situation.

“Harbour Master has returned my message,” Chissell said. “They are going to speak with the Maritime Police and see if they can get out there tonight.”

However, he said, it may be too difficult to manage at this time of night with “those currents that rip through there.”

Eventually Chissell and Maraetai’s Josh Walesby went down to the boat and pumped the water out.

“It should be ok for another fishing tale,” Walesby said.

The Panmure Yacht and Boat Club told the Times that the Harbour Master had been notified and the owner had been contacted.