Thursday, November 30, 2023

REVIEW: Mixing the funk with the jazz

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By Sarah Ellis

WOW: The Neutrino Funk Experience impressed their crowd. Photo supplied.

Kicking off a series of jazz concerts at Howick’s Uxbridge Arts and Cultural Centre on Saturday night was Ron Samson and the Neutrino Funk Experience.

Mixing the old with the new and the funk with the jazz, The Neutrino Funk Experience left you in no doubt about their musical talents and passion for jazz.  It often seemed they were lost in their own world as they played their solo pieces and teased the audience with what appeared an adlibbed and impromptu style.

It was great to see some seasoned jazz enthusiasts who really appreciated the funky style along with some younger Howickians experiencing this music for the first time.

Taking this band and music out of the ‘smoky underground bar’ and to the heritage building of Uxbridge was the wonderful collaboration of Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa and Uxbridge events organiser Ashley Grogan.

The Uxbridge team will be bringing five more jazz acts over the coming months, with the next one on Saturday, May 6, showcasing Caroline Moon in her show ‘Mother Tongue’.

Caroline fuses contemporary jazz with the exotic and passionate melodies of the East and West.

Caroline will be accompanied by Nigel Gavin on guitar and mandolin, along with The Neutrino Funk Experience’s Roger Manins on saxophone and woodwind to bring the magical music to life.

For more information get along to Uxbridge’s open day ‘A Taste of Uxbridge’ on Saturday, April 8, and see what else this treasure of an arts centre has to offer to us locals.

The free open day begins at 11am and runs through to 2pm, featuring live music, performances, classes, children’s activities and a delightful spot in the sun at the Uxbridge cafe.

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