Certainty needed for transport network

Transport continues to be one of the most important policy areas for Pakuranga, Howick, and Botany, and my National Party colleagues and I are continuing to hold the government to account over its plans around the country.

Together with my neighbouring MPs, Denise Lee and Jami-Lee Ross, we recently launched a petition calling on the government to commit to funding the East West Link project, which they cancelled last year.

The reason we’re doing this is simple – we need solutions to our local transport issues now, and cannot afford continuous delays that will only leave us waiting longer.

The government’s refusal to assure the public of its commitment to the AMETI project is also of major concern. Both of these projects are vital to easing congestion and delivering the public transport improvements that we desperately need in East Auckland.

Without alternative proposals, the city of Auckland is yet again left without a way forward to improving its infrastructure to handle the rapid growth we are experiencing.
Last week also saw reports that Labour is considering diverting taxes paid by motorists who want better roads, to light rail instead.

The National Land Transport Fund, is paid for by road users through petrol excise and road user charges and is ring-fenced to be spent on roading projects.

The NLTF means that those using the roads are the ones paying for the roads. Changing this model to allow the NLTF to be used to pay for the Governments pet rail projects shows contempt for the purpose of the fund.

My job as your MP is to represent your views and ensure the government is held to account as a member of the National opposition.

Please help by signing the petition to support the East-West Link and send a message to the Government that they can’t ignore East Auckland’s transport needs.

You can sign online at www.national.org.nz.

Thank you for your support.

  •  Simeon Brown is MP for Pakuranga