Thursday, November 30, 2023

Mail thefts spark warning from police

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Howick Police sergeant Brett Meale says several lots of stolen mail have been handed in to his staff in recent weeks. Times file photo Wayne Martin

Stolen mail and courier parcels being found dumped around east Auckland has police asking local residents to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Sergeant Brett Meale of Howick Police says over the past couple of weeks his staff have had mail that was stolen and then disposed of handed in on three occasions.

“Each time it had been found at a bus stop around the area,” he told the Times.

“The mail handed in to us has come from a number of houses in Cook Street, Rodney Street and Howe Street.

“The enquiries we’ve made are that the mail that was missing has been stolen, but the stuff that’s been handed in we’ve delivered to the owners with a letter saying their mail has been opened and handed in to us. So we’ve made contact.”

Meale says parcels a postie would normally deliver have also been opened and had items stolen from them.

“We’re asking for people to be aware of this and if they see anyone suspicious, maybe following the postie around.

“We’ve had other incidents of where a courier drops off a parcel on a doorstep and people are following the courier around.

“Sometimes they’re wearing a high viz-vest and go in behind and steal the parcel.

“We want people to be aware, and also if they can try and secure their letterbox so someone can’t steal the mail out of it.”

Meale wants east Auckland residents who have information on the mail thefts, or who have CCTV footage that may be relevant, or have had mail stolen or found mail that’s been dumped, to contact the Howick Police station.

“It’s not a huge number of letters,” he says of the mail that’s been handed in.

“Whoever is responsible has obviously gone through them looking for credit cards.

“Some of them have been opened and if the card inside is not what they’re after they’ve left it.

“We’ve delivered those ones as best we can.

“If people are missing mail, they may want to get in touch with NZ Post or the person who was sending it.

“Mail theft is not common, but we’ve noticed this is happening in the central Howick area as these are all local streets close to here.”

People can phone the Howick Police station on 105.

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