Luxon vows to keep fighting for Botany

Botany MP Christopher Luxon, left, says he’ll be just as accessible to locals as he was before he was elected the National Party’s new leader. Photo supplied

He became the National Party’s leader after just a year in politics and now Botany MP Christopher Luxon is vowing he won’t forget about the people who elected him to Parliament.

Luxon took over from Judith Collins as National’s leader on November 30 after she suffered a motion of no-confidence by her caucus.

Since then he’s reshuffled his parliamentary line-up and his MPs’ portfolios and conducted numerous interviews with news media about his new role.

Luxon told the Times he wants to acknowledge and thank the “good folk of Botany who chose me as their local MP just over a year ago”.

“I’ve loved getting to know you and working on the community issues that affect each of you.

“It’s natural as Leader of the Opposition that I will have to spend slightly more time outside the electorate, but I can assure you my level of service and my dedication to our community will not change.”

Luxon says he’ll continue to be accessible and he will keep supporting locals whenever they need help.

“I will be just as active as I have been in the last 12 months and continue to be an advocate and champion for local campaigns and causes.

“We should be proud of ourselves for what we have achieved together and brought to the Government’s attention, such as the lack of after-hours healthcare and the need for better transport infrastructure.

“My team and I are here to serve you as we have always been, so please continue to get in touch with me and make your views known.

“I will always be available to support constituents.”

Luxon wasted no time becoming active on local issues after entering Parliament.

He campaigned with Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown to retain an overnight medical service in east Auckland, to have police keep a physical presence in Howick, and to stop the sale of local Auckland Council-owned public reserves.

He’s also working with Cockle Bay residents and Auckland Transport to address long-standing issues around speeding vehicles and road safety in that suburb.