Monday, July 15, 2024

Luxon: ‘National gets serious on roads’

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Botany MP and National Party leader Christopher Luxon unveiled the party’s transport policy on July 31. File photo supplied
  • By Christopher Luxon, Leader of the Opposition and MP for Botany

National is getting serious about roads and that is good news for Botany.

On Monday, I was proud to announce a $24 billion Transport for the Future package which will be funded through reallocated money from the National Land Transport Fund, additional Government investment and other innovative funding tools like value capture – where developers who benefit from new infrastructure contribute to the cost, and equity finance opportunities for local and global investors.

This includes a rapid transit network for Auckland, with public transport corridors in the North West, Airport to Botany, and completion of the Eastern Busway.

Labour has spent six years proudly opening infrastructure projects that National started in government but has done nothing itself.

Labour promised to deliver Auckland Light Rail by 2021 – but not one metre of track has been built and the costs have already blown out to $30 billion.

National will stop this project to invest in our roading projects that will deliver for all New Zealanders.

Modern infrastructure like roads, public transport networks, energy, water services, hospitals and schools are fundamental to the quality of life of all of us.

National has a strong legacy of delivering key infrastructure projects from Ultra-Fast Broadband to the Waterview Tunnel, to the rebuilding of Christchurch.

It is time to future-proof New Zealand’s infrastructure.

Botany has been waiting too long for projects that will get the area moving again.

With this announcement, Botany will finally get the long-awaited Airport to Botany busway – and it will take a National Government to deliver it.

National’s Transport for the Future plan will:

  • Deliver new Roads of Significance – including four lanes from Whangārei to Tauranga, Mill Road in Auckland, Petone to Grenada and the Cross Valley Link, Belfast to Pegasus and the Woodend Bypass north of Christchurch. We will also unlock the potential of tens of thousands of new houses in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington.
  • Better Public Transport – including a rapid transit network in Auckland with transport corridors in the Northwest, Botany to the airport and the full Eastern Busway.
  • Rebuilding regions and improving resilience – including priorities for rebuilding flood and cyclone-damaged regions like Northland, East Coast and Hawke’s Bay, and upgrades to transport infrastructure in Ashburton, Queenstown, Otago, and Southland.

With National’s Transport for the Future plan in place, New Zealanders will be able to get where they want to go faster and spend less time in their cars and more time doing what they love.

Freight will also move more efficiently around the country, improving productivity.

Botany has been neglected way too long by this Labour Government and I am proud to represent a party that will make a real difference to people’s lives.

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