Saturday, December 9, 2023

Luxon launches National’s campaign with pledge to New Zealanders

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Christopher Luxon has made a guarantee about what his National Government will deliver if it wins this year’s general election. File photo supplied

Botany MP and National Party leader Christopher Luxon has launched his party’s election campaign with a guarantee it will achieve eight important commitments to get New Zealand back on track.

Luxon announced the guarantee at National’s campaign launch in Manukau today.

There’s just six weeks until this year’s general election, scheduled for October 14.

“Since becoming leader of the National Party 21 months ago, I’ve been all over the country and talked to thousands of New Zealanders who are struggling because Labour’s mismanagement of the economy means New Zealand is in recession, the cost of living is rising faster than wages, and mortgages and rents are unaffordable for too many people,” he says.

“New Zealanders have had enough. They want a new direction. So does National and today I’m putting my name to a pledge guaranteeing eight commitments if National is elected on October 14.”

Luxon says a National Government will lower inflation and grow the economy, let people keep more of what they earn, build infrastructure, restore law and order, lift school achievement, cut health waiting times, support seniors, and deliver Net Zero Carbon by 2050.

“This simple eight-point manifesto will be the bedrock commitments of a government I lead. It will focus National in government, and every New Zealander will know our priorities.

“We’ve already announced a fully-funded tax plan that will put up to $250 a fortnight in the back pocket of an average-income household with children, up to $100 a fortnight for an average-income household with no kids, and $50 a fortnight for a single person on the median income.

“This is meaningful tax relief and will help restore the promise that in New Zealand, if you work hard, you’ll get ahead.

“New Zealanders have a stark choice this election.

“Either three more years of a high-taxing, high-spending, Labour, Greens and Te Pati Māori coalition that will never agree on anything, or a strong, stable National-led Government that will focus on what matters to New Zealanders and will get out country back on track.”

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