Long-lost family tape found

A still of the family believed to have resided in Pakuranga. It includes the mother, named Shelly or Karin, an unnamed father, two children Leo and Miya and family friend Kate or Kathryn.

A local man is searching for the owners of 17-year-old family tape found in a box in Nelson.

Tony Adolph, a Botany resident, discovered a mysterious tape in a box when he was visiting family in Nelson recently. He put the recording on a USB stick, took still pictures and returned to Auckland.

The box, which included his own, had “been all around the country”.

“It had been stored with dozens of others for who knows how long,” Adolph says.

He reached out to friends and family. None could identify the subjects.

In the videos, a family of four is celebrating Christmas Eve 17 years ago, Adolph says. “They kept saying ‘this is the last day of 2005.'”

The location Pakuranga is mentioned.

The mother, Adolph says, appears to be French. She was repeatedly getting the children to say French words. Her name could be Shelley or Karin. “They kept calling one another ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy,'” Adolph says.

No name for the father was mentioned.

The two children – a girl toddler and a boy around primary school age – are Leo and Miya.

Their surname, Adolph says, could be ‘Morgan’ or ‘Katy-roar-borg’.

“Both names are mentioned.”

The father is recording most of the video for Leo and Miya’s future 21st birthdays.

“The father said that he’ll show the tapes to them on their 21st,” Adolph says. “I found nothing on social media matching any of their descriptions and names.”

A visiting friend in the video is referred to as Kate or Kathryn.

Adolph wishes to return the tapes to their rightful owners. “It would be great to have them found for the family as the kids’ birthdays must be coming up soon.”

If you have any leads or information on the family, call or text Adolph on 02102540808.