Lets go camping NZ! -April 18 is national staycation day

Every year, April and the Easter Holidays are the perfect time to hitch up your caravan, pack your tent or roll out your motorhome to hit the road for an outdoor adventure.

The problem is, in 2020 Kiwis had nowhere to go! Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the entire nation has had to shelve their plans for an Easter Holiday getaway.

To break up the monotony of a nation-wide lockdown, locally owned business Caravanz and Classics is encouraging Kiwis to take part in a National Staycation Day on April 18th.

“So many of us have amazing caravans, camping gear and outdoor equipment,” explains vintage caravan expert Mike Mopar, “We decided that being shut at home is no excuse not to use what we have.”

 On April 18th, Kiwis are officially invited to go camping in their own backyards. “Set up your tents, caravans and motorhomes, fire up the BBQ, stock up the chilly bin and play a few rounds of backyard cricket,” says Mike. “You’ll feel like you’re on holiday, even though you’re at home.”

 Caravan and camping enthusiasts from NZ are already preparing their backyard staycation setups as part of National Staycation Day and sharing pictures of themselves camping at home.

 “Some people in the South Island have even set up tents in their living rooms!” Mike laughs, “It definitely falls in the category of ‘glamping’, and the biggest advantage is the use of five-star toilet facilities.”

 The initiative is a fun way to remind Kiwis to stay positive and look for fun ways to pass time during the Covid-19 shutdown. “Everyone has been at home for quite a while now,” says Mike, “We created this initiative to help families amuse the kids during the school holidays and enjoy a change of scenery, even if it’s only a few feet from their back door.”

 Kiwis are invited to join the ‘National Staycation Day’ event on Facebook & share their home camping setups using the hashtag #StaycationDay. They can find out more by visiting Caravanz and Classics on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/caravanzandclassics/events/