Graffiti removal leads to brighter village

Scott Henderson is the Beautification Trust’s operations manager.
  • By Georgia Whitehead, AUT University Journalism Student

Howick Village is looking tidier and more welcoming after the Beautification Trust removed almost 200 incidents of graffiti vandalism from the area.

The trust’s operations manager, Scott Henderson, says the organisation is continuing to crack down on graffiti with it having repaired 196 spots defaced by tagging in the village last month.

While street art is valued, it’s important public spaces are maintained graffiti-free, he says.

“It makes communities look unsightly and with graffiti vandalism comes the perception the community is not a safe place to be”, Henderson says.

“In alignment with Auckland Council’s graffiti-free plan, we don’t have any tolerance for graffiti in our community and we should take every opportunity to eradicate graffiti as soon as possible.”

Howick Local Board chairperson Adele White says Howick village is an attractive place which is generally well kept by the community.

“It is of concern that this trend has suddenly returned to the area, but the prompt response to this tagging by the Beautification Trust allows the village to look good for shoppers and tourists visiting in the following days,” White says.

As a deterrent, the trust is encouraging groups and organisations to consider installing street art murals.

To report graffiti in Auckland 269 4080 or 0800 END TAGS (0800 363 824). Or call your local police station.