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Brookby School earns Enviroschools Award

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Brookyby School has been awarded the Enviroschools Bronze Award for their commitment to the protecting the environment. Left to right: Olivia Hallett, Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore, Willie Smith, Eva Jones, Madison Saunderson. Photo supplied

Brookby School has been recognised as environmental heroes in its fight to protect the environment.

The school was awarded the Bronze Enviroschools Award recently in recognition of its commitment to becoming more sustainable.

The Enviroschools awards, which were developed by the Auckland Regional Council in partnership with The Enviroschools Foundation in 2002, are part of the national Enviroschools programme.

The ceremony recognised Brookby School for the many environmental projects it has initiated including growing it own vegetables, litter-less lunch days and establishing its own worm bins and compost bins. It also hosted their annual Agriculture Day as a waste free event for the first time, diverting more than 85 per cent of waste from the landfill.

The initiatives are organised by the school’s student environmental group called the Enviro Council.

The Recent Waste Free Ag Day saw the Enviro Council help man the waste stations and educate the community on how to be waste free.

Alongside them was the Howick College Environmental Group which helped out on the day.

“It is wonderful how the Brookby students, staff and community have embraced the Enviroschools journey” said Brookby Schools Enviro teacher Sarah Blong.

“The students are empowered by identifying what needs changing, finding solutions and taking action.

“Our students now want to learn more about pests in the Brookby area and what they can do to reduce numbers, and how to reduce soft plastic usage.”

Blong says the school will continue to strive to be an advocate for the environment.

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