Dropping a knee at Ormiston Town Centre

Tasi proposing to Bree at Divine Patisserie.
Bree tearfully accepting Tasi’s proposal.

Love is in the air and a man dropping to one knee to propose at a shopping centre must certainly be proof.

The gesture has also achieved a community milestone. Bree (Taupo) and Tasi (Otara) are the first couple to become engaged at Ormiston Town Centre.

After a brief but strong love story, Tasi planned to propose to Bree in her “dream place” – a venue that was fully pink and covered in flowers.

With her favourite song playing and a handmade storybook celebrating their love and relationship, Tasi dropped to one knee and asked for Bree’s hand.

The event took place at Divine Patisserie. The staff and onlookers were “thrilled to be part of the engagement”.

“Ormiston Town Centre was designed to be the heart of a growing community,” Lucy Spratt, external relations executive at Todd Property, says. “We’re proud to be part of moments like these that create memories and define lives.”