Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Christopher and Amanda Luxon cast advanced votes in Botany

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Botany MP and National Party leader Christopher Luxon voted today as advance voting opened on October 2. Times photo Wayne Martin

The man vying to become New Zealand’s next prime minister has already cast his vote in this year’s general election.

Botany MP and National Party leader Christopher Luxon took advantage of advanced voting, which began today, October 2, by voting at Eastview Baptist Church in Chapel Road, Dannemora.

The polling station was soon filled by members of the news media when Luxon arrived with his wife Amanda Luxon in a BMW Crown limousine just before midday.

The couple were photographed registering to cast special votes, as they live in the Epsom electorate.

They then walked to the adjacent Botany Downs Secondary College where Christopher Luxon held a press conference with reporters.

The election campaign has been thrown a curve ball with less than a fortnight until polling day, October 14, with Labour Party leader Chris Hipkins testing positive for Covid-19 and isolating for five days.

Speaking to the news media, Luxon said New Zealand is a great country with so much potential.

“When I go up and down this country, Kiwis are saying we are heading in the wrong direction.

“We are not realising our potential and it’s a tough time for New Zealanders at the moment.

“The cost-of-living crisis is biting hard, crime is out of control, we’ve got a failing education system, and we’ve got a health system in crisis.

“And the reality is after six years of this Labour Government, the last three with an absolute majority, it has not delivered for New Zealanders.”

Luxon said his message to Kiwis who are undecided who to vote for, or who have never voted for National previously, is a National Government will govern for all New Zealanders.

“We are going to rebuild the economy, lower the cost-of-living crisis, make sure we restore law and order, and deliver better health and education.

“Today is a great day because advance voting is up and running and the great privilege we have in this country is our democracy and being able to vote.

“If you want to change the direction of this country, if you think it’s heading in the wrong direction, don’t just leave it for someone else to do, actually step up to the plate and party vote National.”

Luxon then took questions from the news media on subjects including National candidates and campaign volunteers being threatened and intimidated by gang members and which political parties he could work with in Government after the election.

He said his strong preference was for a two-party coalition Government comprised of the National and ACT parties.

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